Online Piano Lessons That Will Teach You Fast

What is the Mungo Method?

With over 20 years in the making, Chase Norris created the Mungo Method. The method can be summed up in a few words “Music Theory Made Easy”. The Mungo Method will show you just how easy learning music can be. Unlike playing by ear, as most music teachers method will be, we teach the theory behind the music. With this understanding of the theory you will be able to learn faster and retain your knowledge longer. The Mungo Method focuses heavily on learning improvisation which will allow you to not only play other peoples music but also give you the ability to write your own. The Mungo Method will also help you understand all music through the study of the major scales and how chords and scales relate to them. You will simply learn theory and apply it as you progress in your lessons!

In addition to the online lessons Mungo Music has a lot to offer with personal skype lessons, Theory lessons, classical lessons, with on-line interaction with your teachers. With the Mungo Method, you will also obtain an in depth knowledge of applied jazz theory. With Mungo Music the Sky is the limit.

How is Mungo Music Different?

Traditional Piano Method teaches reading notes, and preparing one for the various patterns and rhythms in classical. Because there is much to learn, private lessons with a teacher, along with years of practice and dedication, is a must for anyone searching to become a concert pianist. The Mungo Method will not only teach you how to read music, but will focus more on the theory behind the music. In addition to reading music, you will be reading the chord progression and improvising from day one.

Who is Chase Norris?

Chase Norris started learning piano like most do, taking traditional, classical piano lessons starting at the age of six.  It was his devotion and dedication that set him above the rest.  At the age of ten, Chase won his first medal placing Top Performer in the 1992 Colorado State Music Festival.  By the time he was 14 Chase had become a concert pianist playing Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, and many other Classical milestones.  His passion quickly turned to jazz and blues, influenced by his father who is an accomplished jazz pianist.  When he turned 15, Chase’s teacher Karen Dunning introduced him to Greg Dyes, a jazz professor at Colorado University.  Chase studied under Greg privately for a year and a half.

 About the same time Chase started with Greg, His best friend’s mother asked him, “Why don’t you teach?”  Chase said, “Well, I’m only 15 and still in school!”  He gave it a go anyway by starting with his friend’s siblings, and soon branched out into the other neighborhood children.  12 years later, Chase uses his unique method of teaching classical and improvisation to his 40 weekly students in Colorado.

In addition to piano, Chase has played jazz and blues guitar for 12 years in several bands including his current band, Hollow Young.  He also played alto saxophone in orchestras across America for 8 years.  Other instruments include the bass, drums, violin, harmonica, and just about anything you put in his hands.  His mission is to show people that by learning piano and understanding music theory, you can pick up any instrument you choose and start playing it without instruction.


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